Advanced wireless clay pigeon trap release control systems
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Based in Nottingham UK, the systems were developed by a leading global brand Trap technician who also has over 20 years broad experience within the electronics industry. Designed alongside the wiClay™ target counting system, the trap trigger™ system caters for Shooting Schools, Clubs and Mobile events that don't require the target counting feature. Both systems provide the highest level of performance for use in competition or practise. The trap trigger™ may be operated by means of conventional button or via smartphone / tablet interface based on individual client preference. Our Heavy duty conventional button has become very popular with our wiClay™ clients due to its robust and weatherproof structure. Alternatively, our unique Smart Interface enables us to include many more functions yet without the need for additional physical buttons, and we pass that saving over to you the client. The smart interface further allows you fast access to software updates anytime, simply downloadable from the secure Google Play™ store and installed within seconds on your device without the expense for a site visit. Many more apps are being developed to provide various automatic target launch sequences covering all shooting disciplines. Install as many apps as you like on one device and switch between disciplines by tapping their icons.

No other trap control system provides this simplicity and future-proof flexibility. A "built for purpose" controller that fails on a weekend or holiday shoot may be difficult to replace, whereas tablets will still be available from your local gadget shop if you don't already have another or spare smartphone.. then simply reloading the apps is a snap! The future-proof trap trigger™ systems are without doubt the smartest yet more affordable option. Use our system by means of conventional button release and upgrade to the Smart Interface option whenever you like.

Whatever your shooting requirements for personal or business, trap trigger™ and wiClay™ provides a complete solution.
Send us an email to book your demo, in the meantime have a look at the development videos on our YouTube channel.

As all customers do not have the same requirements, the trap trigger™ system electronics has been designed to accommodate special requests. We are therefore able to provide bespoke services for bulk order clients.

For information about our commercial versions which include Target Counting features, please visit:




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